Former Rectory

This was our second project for the owners of this hidden gem in Old Lyme. For years it had been used as a purely functional building and left with little or no maintenance.
We began by demolishing a small addition off the back of the house. We increased its size, function and graceful lines by adding additions that were set back and of different heights. This gave it multi-dimensional lines and depth. The new additions allowed a potential master bedroom and bathroom on the first floor as well as a connected garage, study and laundry room.

The remaining rooms were gutted, carefully saving the ornate original window and door casings. New energy efficient windows were installed with the design of the new windows mimicking the look of the originals. The kitchens and bathrooms were all new and custom made with an eye to simple detail.

The exterior detail of the house was carefully restored to its original grace with pediments, large overhangs and large windows. The new structures were designed and built to blend in, so that there was no clear discerning line of new and old.

The home is now a focal point of pride and conversation of the downtown Old Lyme area again.


Converted Rectory to new home


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